Why? Robert Hodges kills West Sacramento wife's three children


Why? Robert Hodges kills West Sacramento wife's three children

Kinney says the triple-homicide happened sometime after 9 p.m. Wednesday and that the initial 911 call came in as a domestic violence incident.

The community of West Sacramento is in mourning after three children were found dead in an apartment complex Wednesday night. While en route, police received another call that three children inside the home may have been killed.

Despite efforts by responding teams to revive the children, all three were pronounced dead at the scene reported the Sacramento Bee.

Aiello says the couple had been married more than a dozen years and had an 11-year-old boy, a 9-year-old girl and another boy, born in January.

Roger Kinney says the mother did not witness the killings but that "she was in close proximity".

Several news organizations are identifying the suspect as Robert Hodges, 33, of West Sacramento.

"Something like this is very disturbing", Kinney said.

Early Thursday morning, Hodges was located by the California Highway Patrol off Interstate 80 off West El Camino.

The children's names, ages and genders have not been released. Police have not determined if Hodges was the children's father.

"The officers are absolutely impacted, along with the firefighters, and certainly the family, the neighbours", he said.

'Obviously, she's traumatized, and it's going to take some time to find out what's going on, ' Kinney said.

Hodges is expected to be booked on three charges of murder and one county of domestic violence. The suspect fled the apartment shortly before the police arrived.

Hodges is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday (18 September), Kinney said.



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