Three militants killed by a suspected drone strike


Three militants killed by a suspected drone strike

A suspected U.S. drone strike on Friday killed three militants in one of Pakistan's federally administered areas near its border with Afghanistan, a senior regional official said.

The attack happened in Pakistani territory, six kilometers away from the border, in the semi-autonomous tribal area of Kurram Agency, Geo TV quoted a tribal administrator Baseer Khan as saying.

No government spokesman was available for comment.

Twin strikes reportedly targeting members of the Haqqani network took place in tribal areas near border with Afghanistan, officials said.


In his policy speech, Trump singled out Pakistan for providing a safe haven for terrorist groups.

Hundreds of people are stuck on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan one day after Pakistani authorities closed the Torkham border crossing following a grenade attack.

"The meeting between the Afghan Taliban and Emarat Islami Afghanistan held under the banner of "Ittehad Ulema-i-Afghanistan" was led by Mufti Mehmood Zakri".

According to the security officials, the personnel have been deployed near the border over security concerns.

He said the "U.S. must comply with worldwide law when it comes to the use of lethal force and any potentially unlawful strikes should be independently investigated".

The US is believed to have ordered at least two other drone attacks this year.

The United States carries out internationally-condemned extrajudicial drone strikes in several Islamic countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya.



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