Tesla boosts range for some vehicles in Florida to escape Irma


Tesla boosts range for some vehicles in Florida to escape Irma

"Cars with a 75-kilowatt-hour battery pack were previously software limited to 210 miles of driving range per single charge and will now get 249 miles, the full range capacity of the battery", the company wrote on a blog.

The notification sent by Telsa indicates that the unlocked capacity will be be relocked on September 16. Tesla obliged, leaving some owners surprised when they turned on their cars and found the screens displaying more available range than usual.

Tesla drivers who might have been affected by Hurricane Irma have been given a helping hand from the company. We hope that this allows you to travel to your next destination with confidence and ease.

During the evacuation period, people were seen lining up at gas stations to fill up their tanks.

Owners also got some time to determine if they wanted the additional range.

It's a reminder of just how much power Tesla wields over its customers' vehicles. However, they are created to work at only 80 percent of its full capacity. This resulted in a vehicle with a shorter range, but a cheaper price tag, where they were also given the option to unlock the full potential for additional costs.

According to Electrek, Tesla unlocked the battery capacity of their Tesla Model S and Telsa Model X 60/ 60D models so that they can all make full use of the 75kWh battery. After the update was released, many users posted a screenshot of the notification they received.

Tesla could do this because some Tesla cars are sold with battery capacity locked to a lower figure by the car's software. Forecasters said it could hit the heavily populated Tampa-St.



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