SNES Classic: Nintendo may have millions on sale Friday


SNES Classic: Nintendo may have millions on sale Friday

"These are the biggest, the most popular games for the Super Nintendo". You have blown the guarantee and no one is going to care about a problem that you have brought on yourself regardless of whether you have kept the receipt or not.

For a run down of all 21 manuals, check out Nintendo's official site right here.

If you already have NES Classic or Wii U extension cables those should work just fine without the need to buy new ones.

But it could mean that Nintendo will literally have millions of SNES Classics waiting for buyers at launch.

Last year, Nintendo (ntdoy) premiered the NES Classic Edition, a miniature version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System that included classic games from the company's original video game console from the 1980s. This is not the first re-release for Nintendo. Amazon's freakish Treasure Truck, which drives around big cities selling rare items, is offering SNES Classics in New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, and other hubs. You get a bunch of built-in games including Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart and more! I spent a long weekend testing the Super NES Classic, with a little help from my 8-year-old niece Caroline, who provided a fresh perspective on a console that became obsolete long before she was born.

As Nintendo Preps SNES Relaunch, A Look Back At The System's Top 10 Bestsellers
Where to buy a SNES Classic Edition on launch day

"Customer demand for the SNES Classic was just like we expected", said Bob Puzon, senior vice president of Merchandising for GameStop, in a prepared statement. You had to buy a second separately for the NES Classic Mini. But you can argue that's perhaps part of the charm. As previously stated, Star Fox 2 has never been released before.

It's a very exciting day for Nintendo fans.

Changed co-operative racing forever.

As top-down RPGs go, A Link to the Past is one of the very best.

A sideways-scrolling shooter/platformer of the highest quality.



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