Saudi Arabia to Allow Women to Drive, State Media


Saudi Arabia to Allow Women to Drive, State Media

Women in Saudi Arabia are to be allowed to drive - ending a law which made the Gulf nation the only country in the world to forbid female drivers. We have dynamic leadership.

The move comes just days after women in the country were allowed into a sporting event at the King Fahd International Stadium for the first time.

Ambassador Khalid added, "The issue of women driving was never a religious or a cultural issue".

King Salman had issued a decree allowing women to be given driving licences, the Saudi Press Agency said. This was a societal issue.

In October 2013, shortly after a prominent cleric claimed that medical studies showed driving damaged a woman's ovaries, 60 women took part in a protest, driving in spite of warnings from the authorities.

Low oil prices have limited the government jobs that many Saudis have long relied on, and the kingdom is trying to push more citizens, including women, into gainful employment. Salman's decree will not take immediate effect, as Saudi police officers will require new training to interact with women drivers.

Education Minister Ahmed al-Eissa described it as an "unintended mistake" and wrote on Twitter that new versions of the textbook were being printed.

Hadi told Saudi Arabia media Al-Arabiya television broadcast on the sideline of UN General Assembly in an interview that "the military solution is the most likely solution arguing the decision does not rest with the rebels but with their supporter, Iran".



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