Rohingya rebels call one-month Myanmar ceasefire as exodus grows


Rohingya rebels call one-month Myanmar ceasefire as exodus grows

Police fired rubber bullets to break up a mob which stoned the home of a Muslim butcher in central Myanmar, authorities said Monday, as religious tensions rise amid a surge of violence in the west.

He noted the United Nations refugee agency says 270,000 people from Myanmar have fled to neighboring Bangladesh in the last three weeks, and pointed to satellite imagery and reports of "security forces and local militia burning Rohingya villages" and committing extrajudicial killings.

According to the Human Rights Watch Report 2017, the ethnic cleansing campaign in Myanmar has been on since June 2012.

"The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) hereby declares a temporary cessation of offensive military operations", the group said in a statement on its Twitter account on Saturday.

He said the Bangladesh government had also asked the UN, German and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to take the initiative to create the safe zone as had been done in other conflict-stricken countries.

Rohingya insurgents in Myanmar have declared a one-month unilateral ceasefire to ease the humanitarian crisis in the north of the country.

Amnesty said that based on interviews with eyewitnesses and analysis by its own weapons experts, it believes there is "targeted use of landlines" along a narrow stretch of the northwestern border of Rakhine state that is a crossing point for fleeing Rohingya.

The predominantly Buddhist country's treatment of the Rohingya has always been a point of contention and attacks on the Muslim minority have been reported for months prior to the recent intensification.

Officials have blamed insurgents and Rohingya themselves for burning villages to draw global attention to their cause.

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Rohingya rebels call one-month Myanmar ceasefire as exodus grows

Also on Sunday, the Myanmar government faced accusations it had planted landmines close to the Bangladesh border that have killed and injured several Rohingya civilians in recent days.

The report also indicated that the OIC members also urged the Myanmar government to take urgent measures for a sustainable return of Rohingya refugees and internally and externally displaced population to their homeland, Rakhine State. Critics complain that Suu Kyi, who won a Nobel peace prize in 1991 for championing democracy, has failed to speak out for a minority of her country that has long complained of persecution.

Monday's estimate of new arrivals in the Cox's Bazar region of Bangladesh since August 25 was 313,000, an increase of 19,000 in just 24 hours.

On Friday, the United Nations in Bangladesh found tens of thousands of refugees who had not been counted before, raising the count to 270,000 from some 164,000 the day before.

Thousands of Rohingya refugees are still stranded on the Myanmar side of the River Naf, which separates the two countries, with the biggest gathering south of the town of Maungdaw, monitors and sources in the area told Reuters.

Three Rohingya are reported to have been killed by a mine, and at least two more have lost limbs.

"I will try to find money here".

The foreign secretary said all the diplomats attending the briefing voiced deep concern over Bangladesh's additional burden and humanitarian crisis following the influx of the huge number of refugees.

More than 300,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh since then.



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