Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to invest £8.9bn in electric and autonomous cars


Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to invest £8.9bn in electric and autonomous cars

The Renault Zoe, a hatchback one size smaller launched in 2012 by its French alliance partner, is the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe-though its uses largely separate underpinnings than the Leaf. He said two new platforms would join the alliance's CMF common architecture, one for compact cars such as the Micra, Clio and Captur crossover and one for electric vehicles, likely shared between the next generation of Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf.

He felt, without wanting to commit to firm targets, that "more than 20 % of sales of alliance ser [iea] nt electrified" by 2022, thus including electric, but also hybrid (fuel / electricity).

The plan is very light on actual details of how it plans on achieving this; it says that it plans to release 12 electric cars, and 40 vehicles capable of autonomous driving by 2022 but doesn't go into much detail.

While Renault's rescue of struggling Nissan made headlines in 1999, the Japanese company is now widely acknowledged to be the stronger partner-and it has been the global leader in mass-market electric cars since 2011.

Presenting the alliance's new strategic plan to 2022, chairman Carlos Ghosn said Renault-Nissan is targeting vehicle sales of 14 million units by that year, a rise of almost 40 percent from current levels.

Alliance vehicles will share 22 engines out of 31, or 75 percent, compared to 14 shared engines among 38 a year ago.

The alliance sold more cars than any other manufacturer in the first half of 2017 and is looking to ride on its growing reach by expanding electric vehicles into the mass market. Mitsubishi joined what had been the Renault Nissan Alliance beginning past year, when Nissan took effective control of Mitsubishi.

The announcements are part of an overall strategic plan released Friday for the next five years, its first such plan since it took over Mitsubishi last year.

"This plan will boost the growth and profitability of our member companies". The doubling of synergies will be achieved partially by contributions from Mitsubishi Motors, specifically through deeper localization, joint plant utilization, common vehicle platforms, and an expanded presence in mature and emerging markets. However, it did specify that it will launch four shared platforms with the aim of producing over 9 million vehicles on them. They will utilize common platforms and components across all three Alliance brands.

He spoke in an interview in Paris after unveiling a new alliance strategy with a heavy focus on electric and autonomous cars.



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