Premier League vote to reduce summer transfer window - Could make it interesting…


Premier League vote to reduce summer transfer window - Could make it interesting…

It will only affect Premier League clubs signing players - they can still sell players to other leagues.

It was announced earlier today (Thursday) that Premier League clubs had voted to close the summer transfer window before the first game, starting from next season. That Juventus stated they would lobby Serie A to follow the Premier League's example and the Bundesliga was already discussing introducing a similar amendment to the transfer window closure will have been music to Scudamore's ears but it is unlikely such changes will happen quickly.

To many observers, the Premier League's move is a odd one.

That could well mean that Premier League clubs are easy prey for clubs overseas who will look to poach some of their talents when the window closes.

The announcement came after a proposal to change the transfer window was considered in a shareholders' meeting on September 7.

This means clubs will not be allowed to register any new players after 5pm on Thursday, August 9, 2018, although they will be able to sell players to clubs in leagues where the window is still open, as is now the case. They have always maintained that an earlier close to the window would be an improvement on the current situation.

The window closed last Thursday, three weeks after the new season had started. Under league rules, 14 of the 20 must vote in favour of such a motion, and this one passed by that margin. With the window going right up to the Thursday before the campaign starts, all business is going to be transfer business.

"Managers have complained that allowing players to move once the season is under way causes disruption to their squads and preparations", writes BBC Sport.

"Yes, I think that it is open for too long", he said.

Clubs voted on the issue on Thursday and nearly every side was in favour of the change, with just five clubs going against the motion while Burnley abstained.

"Now we have to extend the discussion to a European level".

Arsene Wenger, who sold Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to Liverpool on deadline day despite having fielded the same player against the team he was set to join, was highly critical of the existing window earlier this week.

Many might say that any coach or club worth their value should sufficiently prepare, and that it puts a healthier onus on wider structures and staff, but it is still a fact of the game that nothing exposes how a team works like competitive football.



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