Pope Francis suffers black eye after popemobile stops suddenly


Pope Francis suffers black eye after popemobile stops suddenly

"They speak very clearly, scientists are precise".

"All of us have a responsibility, all of us, small or large, a moral responsibility".

His last day in the Andean country got off to a rocky start when he lost his balance and bumped his head while riding in the popemobile.

Francis' message throughout his five-day visit to Colombia had been one of forgiveness and reconciliation.

On DACA, Francis said that he would like to study the American policy more thoroughly, but he is troubled by the possibility of young immigrants in any nation being compelled to move away from their families. Referring to the current negotiations over a legislative solution, the pope expressed "hope that it can be re-thought a little".

"If he is a good pro-life believer he must understand that family is the cradle of life and one must defend its unity", Francis said during an in-flight press conference on his plane, according to an Associated Press report. About 800,000 people are affected by Trump's decision to give Congress six months to end their limbo status. "Young people who have been uprooted today are asking for help".

The Pope has already clashed with President Trump over immigration issues, such as the president's intention to build a wall on the border with Mexico and deport undocumented aliens.

Claver, the self-described "slave of the slaves forever", has been revered by Jesuits, popes and human rights campaigners for centuries for having insisted on recognizing the inherent dignity of slaves, treating them as children of God when others considered them mere merchandise to be bought and sold.

His often poetic homily during which he called on Colombians to continue to dream and to work for a project that includes everyone echoed numerous themes touched upon in the past days such as the need to forgive those who have harmed us - a fundamental concept in a process for healing and reconciliation.

"I do not know if the three years are true or not, but if we do not go back, we are going down!" "We can see the effects of climate change and scientists clearly say what path we should follow". During and after his presidential campaign, he has presented himself as a staunch opponent of abortion. Theirs is not an airy-fairy opinion, they are most clear.

"Then", he said, "decide and history will judge the decisions".

"We are required to generate "from below" a change in culture, so we respond to the culture of death and violence with the culture of life and encounter", Pope Francis said September 10, prior to returning to Rome. Dependency on drugs and other substances, as well as suicide, also provoke hopelessness, he said, which happens when youth are disconnected from their roots.

Mammon too. So many things, so many decisions, so many contradictions depend on money.



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