Nissan says new electric vehicle competitors 'positive' for market


Nissan says new electric vehicle competitors 'positive' for market

Nissan Motor Company anticipates its new Nissan Leaf vehicle will take its leadership of the electric vehicle market to the next level.

Nissan has also worked to improve the handling to give the Leaf better stability while the steering now has a more linear feel thanks to new software. "The new Nissan Leaf with a zero emission power train is not just about EV (electric vehicle) technology".

One thing that might throw a small wrench into production ramping up is the fact that the new LEAF is the first Nissan vehicle to introduce Nissan's advanced driver assist features to buyers - such as ProPilot. The 2018 Nissan Leaf is a complete redesign that incorporates a slew of improvements and updates - at a starting price that's lower than the 2017 Leaf's.

The 2018 version also gets a 6.6-kilowatt onboard charging system that draws more electricity from a 240-volt charging outlet, allowing the Leaf to go from empty to fully charged in about 7.5 hours., Maragno said. This simplifying solution from Nissan means drivers can use just a single pedal for acceleration, braking and stopping (once the driver has become accustomed to it, of course).

What's more game-changing, though, is the way that Nissan in-part achieves this range: the e-Pedal.

Since the Leaf debuted in 2011, initially built only in Japan, some 300,000 units have sold globally, including 113,282 in the USA, according to WardsAuto data. As in the outgoing Leaf, the new Leaf's motor drives the front wheels only.

As the electric auto space is set to become more crowded, automakers have to compete beyond battery range to reclaim Tesla buyers that possess Apple-like brand loyalty. "But during the launch period of the second generation Leaf, it won't be available and those months are when its image and reputation are established".

Both Tesla's Model 3 and the Chevrolet Bolt can travel over 200 miles (322 kilometers) between charging stations. I tested ProPilot Assist on the highway, and it had no trouble keeping the Leaf in its lane and decreasing speed to accommodate slower traffic.

Reed knows Nissan customers are more value-oriented than Tesla buyers, and the question is how much Leaf customers will be willing to pay for extended range. It lets drivers start, accelerate, decelerate and stop by increasing or decreasing the pressure applied to the accelerator.

The second generation Leaf is due to go on sale in Japan in October but isn't expected to reach Australian showrooms until late in 2018.

The restyled 2018 Leaf is lower and more sculpted than its bulbous predecessor, billed as sleek and aerodynamic to maximise range.



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