New smart speakers from Apple, Sonos and Samsung


New smart speakers from Apple, Sonos and Samsung

Sony will launch its smart connected speaker LF-S50G that will look like Apples HomePod but will use Google Assistant. As a comparison, Apple's HomePod will be priced at $349 when it launches in December.

On Thursday, the Japanese company announced the products that it will be showcasing at the upcoming IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. It has white LEDs on the front that light up to show the time, date, volume level, and when you're playing or skipping a track.

Another smart design choice was making the speaker IPX3*10 splash-proof, again, great when using the speaker in a kitchen. Only the Amazon Tap has a similarly water-resistant build.

Beyond that, you can do all of the great Google Home stuff, such as check traffic, listen to music, and even set remin...err, never mind, you still can't set reminders on Google Home. The speaker comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. During our demo, only the Sony rep was able to do this well, most likely because he had been trained on exactly where you should place your hands.

I got a chance to try the gesture controls myself and found them to be quite responsive. With a straightforward motion, you can play music and alter the volume of the tune as per your own inclination. Of course, Google Assistant is also capable controlling these features through voice commands, so no matter what method you prefer, you shouldn't have any trouble getting the LF-S50G to do what you want. The capsule-shaped speaker is slightly different from its contemporaries and features Google Assistant as the brains of the device. Banking on the technology of Google's voice assistant, the entry of two giant names will definitely bring rapid growth to the market. Thanks to the Google Assistant integration, the Sony LF-S50G can also answer to your search queries along with reminders for events. "The Sony speaker also offers voice control, just like the HomePod, as well as high-quality 360-degree sound, just like the HomePod", says Gizmodo. The JBL Link series speakers come with built-in support for Chromecast.

The inside smarts are the same, with Google listening for your command and following your instructions.

Sony has joined in with its equally snappily titled Smart Speaker LF-S50G.

At a glance, this is a great alternative to Google Home, in fact, it's really putting Google to shame.



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