Mercedes-AMG Project One launches with F1 engine


Mercedes-AMG Project One launches with F1 engine

But the Project One, built to celebrate AMG's 50th anniversary this year, is so much more than just its powertrain. The auto does have basic amenities like air conditioning and electric windows and Mercedes does claim you can actually drive it on a daily basis. We thought this was nothing more than a form of speech used to create hype but we were wrong. The engine bit of the equation is a 1.6-litre single-turbo V6, closely related to that found in Lewis's F1 auto and engineered by Mercedes' F1 powertrain plant in Brixworth. To allow for the stratospheric maximum engine speed of 11,000rpm, the four overhead cams are gear driven and the valvetrain uses pneumatics rather than conventional springs. Although it likely doesn't appeal to anyone purchasing the Project One, the hypercar will be capable of travelling up to 15.5 miles (25 kilometers) on electric power alone.

There are also two further 120 kW electric motors at the front axle. On a road long enough, AMG suggests a V-max beyond 350km/h.

Does this vehicle really have an F1 hybrid powertrain, or is that just marketing talk?

Moving on to the chassis, inboard pushroad suspension coilovers work the wheels and the 8-speed automated-manual transaxle is a stressed member, holding the rear suspension. Each is connected to a front wheel via a reduction gear.

Mercedes describes the cabin as 'Formula 1 for two.' Deep bucket seats with adjustable backrests are present, while the square steering wheel is noticeably Formula 1 inspired. The steering wheel, as with Formula One, is where a driver controls numerous vehicle's key performance functions. A digital screen linked to a rear-facing camera replaces the rear-view mirror and Mercedes has also seen fit to include a smartphone holder and sat nav.

Being a hybrid means the Project One makes good use of its power.

There are two LED monitors, one in the centre stack and one in front of the driver. Mercedes-AMG hasn't released any images of the interior of the vehicle. The mystery has finally been revealed and it's one heck of a scary looking beast indeed.

With its MOT approval, Mercedes-AMG said it will produce 275 vehicles priced at $2.72 million each.

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