Hurricane Irma victims need your help


Hurricane Irma victims need your help

Faced with Hurricane Irma, for example, we have worked tirelessly with utility companies to help them understand the importance of making nursing homes a priority so these facilities can get their power restored as quickly as possible.

Gov. Rick Scott announced that the Florida Department of Children & Families and the Agency for Health Care Administration have begun an investigation.

"It is clear that this facility can not be responsible for Florida's vulnerable patients, and therefore the State will stop them from providing care", Scott said in a news release.

Without central air conditioning, residents were kept in hallways near the cooling units.

As investigators work to apportion blame, the management of the Hollywood Hills home and the electric utility that supplies it, Florida Power & Light, have been pointing fingers at each other.

Florida relies on inspectors to enforce the laws governing the state's nursing homes, but protecting the rights of the roughly 70,000 elderly patients who live in those facilities falls on the state Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and an army of volunteers who visit facilities to monitor care.

The facility took meager measures by situating only a few portable air "coolers" throughout the entire 81,000 square foot facility.

Eight patients at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills died this week after being exposed to the heat.

By 10 p.m. Monday, the center says five more calls were made for help.

In fact, Gambineri said, the nursing home had made 17 reports to the state through an online database beginning on September 7. But she said when factors are constantly changing, it's impossible to have a plan that addresses every variable. One resident died at the facility Tuesday but, because the patient had a do-not-resuscitate order, was sent to a funeral home before police asked for the body, according to police.

"You know, I've seen this happen back in 2004 when we had the four hurricanes", Lee said. "In compliance with state regulations, the Center did have a generator on standby in the event it would be needed to power life safety systems".

Legislation requiring generators at adult living facilities and nursing homes has submitted to bill drafting.

The facility's administrator, Jorge Carballo, said in a statement that it was co-operating fully with authorities. It's unfortunate, but inevitable, that they will get painted with the same negative brush when one facility fails to meet the high standards we set for ourselves. Moulder's mother was released from the hospital to a new nursing home. She sustained heat-related injuries and had to be hospitalized as a result of the days-long failure of the nursing home's air conditioning system, the complaint alleges.

State officials would not provide any details on how many elders and disabled can not get back into their homes because of the storms and would not provide the Herald/Times a list of the homes that remain evacuated or closed.

By Friday morning, most Floridians who lost their electricity after the storm had gotten it back. It was "terribly hot", she added, but at least the elevator was working.

Johnson said the nursing home didn't have any ice to give her friend, who was ignored by the staff.

"We are there for you 100 percent", Trump said before donning gloves and helping to hand out sandwiches to local residents from a lunch line under a canopy.

"I'd have brought her here".



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