Hurricane Irma hit people and property hard in the Caribbean


Hurricane Irma hit people and property hard in the Caribbean

He will first visit Guadeloupe, an overseas department of France, on Tuesday morning before heading to the French-Dutch island of St. Martin to meet with residents, and then to St. Barts.

Macron is on a visit aimed at offering support and solidarity with struggling islanders after his government had been criticized for not doing enough to prepare and help France's Caribbean territories devastated by Hurricane Irma last week.

"We need to restore public order to Saint-Martin", said Annick Girardin, minister of France's overseas territories, in a BBC report. "The presidential Airbus will bring equipment and basic necessities", Collomb wrote in his official Twitter blog.

The UK, on the other hand, is responsible for five island groups in the Caribbean region dispersed over a distance of more than 1,250 miles: from west to east, the Cayman Islands, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, and Montserrat, with a total population of fewer than 100,000 people.

Saint Martin was badly damaged by the monster storm, which was a Category 5 when it hit.

Authorities are still trying to determine the extent of damage to the island, but he said 28 police officers lost homes during Hurricanes Irma and Jose.

Elsewhere in the Caribbean, the U.S. has evacuated approximately 1,200 Americans from Dutch-administered St. Marteen in the last 24 hours, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement on Sunday.

It has caused more than $10bn (£7.6bn) in damage, disaster risk experts say.

Evacuees arriving in the United States from St. Martin spoke of their horror as the hurricane passed overhead and the hard cleanup that has followed.

France's president is promising to rebuild stronger Caribbean territories after Hurricane Irma destroyed much of St. Martin and St. Barts. Haiti's government said yesterday more than 10,000 people were in shelters after heavy rains flooded the former French colony.

In the resort town of Varadero in the Matanzas province, 14,500 foreign tourists rode out the storm, according to state-run news organization Granma.

Video from Anguilla shows waves crashing through a home as Hurricane Irma pummeled the island.

While there is some merit to this approach, this does not exonerate the British government from the pointed criticisms expressed by Caribbean representatives following Irma's passing through the region. Some jeered him in anticipation of aid supplies or hoping to catch flights for France to escape the devastation across the island.

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne estimated about 95% of the buildings on Barbuda had been damaged, if not destroyed.

Residents in the USA territory were offering assistance to other, more severely damaged islands in the region.

"What we have seen today are people determined to rebuild and return to a normal life", Macron said at a news conference.

"The problem now is there's no supplies", one woman told CNN at San Juan airport in Puerto Rico, where evacuees were being taken.

Additionally, the Pentagon said about 4,600 troops were helping in the Virgin Islands-Puerto Rico region, and the US Marines were helping transfer United Kingdom counterparts in St Croix on to the British Virgin Islands.



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