Huawei Kirin 970 SoC with AI Features Announced


Huawei Kirin 970 SoC with AI Features Announced

Huawei is positioning the new chipset as an open platform for mobile AI which means developers can play with the chipset and create new uses for it.

"Smartphones are smart but they are not intelligent enough", Richard Yu, chief executive of Huawei's Consumer Business Group, said at this year's IFA electronics fair.

We'll find out for certain what the Mate 10 containing that Kirin 970 processor can do when Huawei unveils its new phones October 16.

The Huawei Kirin 970 has an 8 core CPU and 12 core GPU.

Huawei's dual ISPs (image signal processors) also play a role in putting machine learning to good use.

Huawei plans to employ its on-device AI to perform a multitude of tasks, such as, but not limited to, memory allocation, UI rendering, camera image processing, load balancing, and task scheduling.

AI built into its new chip can make phones more personalised, or anticipate the actions and interests of their users, Yu said.

The Chinese technology giant Huawei has officially unleashed its next generation mobile chip unprecedentedly powered by built-in artificial intelligence (AI) computing capabilities. This includes processing all the real-time, personalized data that's generated by a phone's sensors, and in turn fulfilling Huawei's goal of providing a personalized experience. The chipset packs 5.5 billion transistors in a single square cm and supports HDR 10 and 4K video recording at 60 frames per second. In image recognition testing, the chipset was able to process 2,000 images per minute which Huawei claims is faster than other chips on the market. "The Kirin 970 is the first in a series of new advances that will bring powerful AI features to our devices and take them beyond the competition". The Kirin 970 is based on an all-new "Heterogeneous Computing Architecture" which will provide a 25x boost in performance and 50x better efficiency than any other Cortex-A73 chipset.



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