'First Amendment and boobs': CNN segment on ESPN turns into sexism debate


'First Amendment and boobs': CNN segment on ESPN turns into sexism debate

"Because I like boobs and the first amendment, which is exactly what I said".

You'll notice that nowhere in that rundown of the past week's events was there mention of the word "boobs" or anything remotely to do with "boobs" - aside from completely irrelevant anatomical facts about key players in the story.

Eventually, Baldwin had had enough, cutting in to announce that Travis' appearance was over.

"Boobs", he repeated helpfully. "I just want to make sure I heard you correctly as a woman anchoring this show".

"Once Travis and Reed were gone, Baldwin declared that, "That was entirely inappropriate", before apologizing for not cutting Travis' microphone quicker". He digs in on his remark, saying the First Amendment and boobs are two things that have never let him down.

Fox Sports radio host Clay Travis said he believes in the First Amendment and boobs during an interview on CNN, drawing questioning looks from anchor Brooke Baldwin, who abruptly ended the interview with the conservative commentator. This came out of nowhere, unnerving Baldwin and prompting her to end the segment early.

When she once again asked him to clarify whether he was saying "boobs" or "booze", he confirmed the former.

"Why would you say that live on national television, and with a female host?"

Travis later added that he "triggered" CNN with his views, adding that he says it every day on his own program.

Travis was on the network to speak about ESPN's Jemele Hill, who entered the Trump administration's line of fire after recently calling the president and his supporters "white supremacists" on Twitter. On Friday, that meant telling CNN's Brooke Baldwin how much he loves titties on live TV.

"I'm a supporter of women in their careers". Hill was not fired and ESPN offered an apology, but did not take her off air.

Travis tweeted after the exchange that he had already been invited back on CNN.



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