Firefox Quantum Boasts 2X Speed Improvements


Firefox Quantum Boasts 2X Speed Improvements

Mozilla claims its new browser is twice as fast as Firefox was a year ago, and is often (though not always) noticeably faster than Google Chrome. That's only around 25% of all legacy plugins, meaning that almost 75% of all Firefox add-ons won't be available to users on the new version.

From left to right are the original Firefox 1.0 icon, a tongue-in-cheek Calvin-and-Hobbes variation, the original Phoenix icon used before Mozilla renamed the project Firefox, the Firefox icon that lasted until Firefox Quantum, the new Firefox Nightly icon, and last, the new Firefox Quantum icon. The new browser is apparently two times faster than the current versions of Firefox.

However, Mozilla admitted that it's not quite possible to directly port Servo to Firefox, and that instead it would have to gradually take parts of Servo and port them to Gecko over time. But those were just the tip of the iceberg.

Firefox Quantum is such a big leap forward that you'll feel it instantly, just browsing your favorite websites.

Mozilla's comeback in the browser wars may be a long shot amid the dominance of Google and Chrome, but there are good reasons to hope the organization is successful.

Firefox Quantum claims the title of fastest browser.

Over the past several months, Mozilla has fixed 468 bugs that were slowing down the browser. We're confident that with Photon, Firefox Quantum users will be impressed by the modern new design that puts their needs first.

According to Mozilla, the new UI comes with support for High DPI displays and better handling on touch-enabled devices. Menus and tabs have been redesigned, while a new "library" button pulls together bookmarks, downloads and history into one place.

Firefox Quantum enhances Firefox's integration with Pocket, the read-it-later app that Mozilla acquired previous year. When you open a new tab, you'll see now trending web pages recommended by Pocket users in addition to your top sites. You can get the desktop, Android, and iOS versions from Mozilla's website.

To complement the doubling of Firefox's performance due to all the "Quantum" improvements, Mozilla also made a decision to give Firefox a fresh look with a new "Photon" UI. For example, the developer edition has received refined, redesigned, and brand new developer tools (more details here). You can experience these changes in the new beta and developer versions of Firefox, or wait until Firefox 57 becomes stable on November 14.

The plumbing isn't the only thing that will be changing in Firefox 57.

Firefox is also getting a visual makeover.



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