ESPN's Jemele Hill: Tweet calling Trump white supremacist expressed 'personal beliefs'


ESPN's Jemele Hill: Tweet calling Trump white supremacist expressed 'personal beliefs'

"Yesterday was a hard and unusual day, with a number of people interpreting the day without a full picture that happened", Rob King, the senior vice president for news and information at SportsCenter, told ThinkProgress.

"It's so far from the truth it's unbelievable", Clarke said.

ESPN didn't force Hill to retract her initial accusation, though the network did say that her comment was "inappropriate", adding that it didn't "represent the position of ESPN".

Hill slammed Trump in a series of tweets on Monday.

Next, management asked Hill to apologize.

President Trump sharply criticized ESPN on Twitter early Friday morning, claiming the network was "paying a really big price for its politics" and demanding an apology for "untruth".

"That is one of the more outrageous comments that anybody could make and certainly is something that is a fireable offense by ESPN", Sanders said Wednesday.

"When I as a fan and a viewer tune into ESPN, I don't want politics and I don't want to look at a person and have to think politics", Sehorn said on "Fox & Friends" on Thursday. "We accept her apology".

They ran into an issue when Hill's co-workers reportedly gave her incredible support.

"My comments on Twitter expressed my personal beliefs", Ms Hill tweeted on Wednesday. "My respect for my company and my colleagues remains unconditional".

Jemele Hill has not been fired by ESPN as of this publishing.

ESPN declined to comment on Trump's tweet. "She has acknowledged that her tweets crossed that line and has apologized for doing so". And, wouldn't you know it, he said that they shouldn't.

Shortly after the initial report surfaced, ESPN fired right back and denied such a thing actually took place. The network's public editor has said that there is a perception that ESPN has become political, and that has harmed the network. According to Nielsen, it has lost more than 12 million subscribers since 2011, with more and more people cutting the cable cord and turning to streaming live events.

ESPN did not suspend Hill. Oh yeah, Hill is black.

'As you see more ethnic diversity, then all of a sudden ESPN is too liberal, ' she said. She thanked them for their support, writing, "Love that my @NABJSports brothers came to check on me".



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