Dual Olympic Bids Approved For Paris And Los Angeles


Dual Olympic Bids Approved For Paris And Los Angeles

While the committee's decision to award hosting duties to Los Angeles for 2028 marks a win for the city's and the president's efforts, Trump will no longer be in office by the time the Games begin there.

The two sports, which were thrown out of the Olympics after 2008, will make a one-off comeback at the 2020 Games in Tokyo - in a country where they are hugely popular - after organizers requested their inclusion under new International Olympic Committee (IOC) rules.

The evaluation commission signed off on those Monday, saying that although details need to be finalized, it is confident LA can host in 2028.

"It is hard to imagine something better", said IOC President Thomas Bach.

The IOC also agreed to waive $50 million in fees and contribute up to $2 billion of its broadcast and sponsorship revenues to the Games, more than the $1.7 billion pledged to Paris for 2024.

That same commission offered further assessment of a Los Angeles bid this week, finding the chance to host the Games there in 2028 "would far outweigh the potential risk of awarding the Games 11 years in advance instead of seven years".

Bach said the unanimous International Olympic Committee decision would secure the future of the Games and ensure successful Olympics.

Unlike past elections for Olympic host cities when these final presentations might have made a difference in the IOC vote, neither city had to worry about losing.

“Its a big win and we are here to really enjoy it, ” said Paris 2024 bid co-chief Tony Estanguet, reflecting the triumphant mood among the 60-strong French delegation in the Peruvian capital.

"Paris said it didn't want to host in 2028".

The IOC subsequently chose to award the 2024 and 2028 Games at the same time, but the two cities had to decide which would go first.

Casey Wasserman, chair of the bid, wearing sneakers with his suit, promised to deliver Games that will be "California cool".

Thanks largely to opposition or lack of political support, eight cities have pulled out of the bidding process for the 2022 and 2024 Games.

The race began early in 2015 with a different US candidate but the abysmal public support for Boston forced that city to part ways with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) who turned to Los Angeles instead just days before the application deadline. At the time, they committed to working out a deal that culminated with each city getting an Olympics on Wednesday. The 2028 bid will bring the Summer Olympics back to the United States for the first time since 1996, when the bid was given to Atlanta.



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