Drawings by Rohingya refugee children reveal the horrific experiences they've suffered


Drawings by Rohingya refugee children reveal the horrific experiences they've suffered

In a separate statement issued in Geneva, seven experts empowered by the United Nations to look into human rights issues called on Myanmar's government to halt violence against its minority Rohingya Muslim community and stop persecution and rights violations that have been described as an example of ethnic cleansing.

Hindus from Myanmar have joined streams of Muslim Rohingyas to seek refuge in Bangladesh after the recent killings from their community in the ethnic violence in the neighbouring Buddhist-majority country.

The latest violence in western Myanmar's Rakhine state began on August 25, when Arsa militants attacked some 30 police posts and an army camp, killing about 12 people.

Dhaka, Sep 26 A Myanmar team will arrive in Bangladesh next week to discuss the mass exodus of Rohingya, an official said today, amid huge diplomatic efforts to find a durable solution to the crisis. "There is no genocide", he said.

Myanmar's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has disappointed human rights groups who had campaigned for her freedom during the Nobel Peace Prize winner's 15 years under house arrest by a military junta.

"The scorched earth policy employed by the terrorists is another factor", Suan said.

A search was launched on the weekend after a refugee in Bangladesh contacted a Hindu community leader in Myanmar to say insurgents of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) marched about 100 people out of their village on August 25 and killed them, the government said.

"I would like to urge these delegations and the worldwide community as well to see the situation in northern Rakhine objectively and in an unbiased manner", the ambassador said.

They called on the government to provide uninterrupted humanitarian access to worldwide organizations to assist what may be hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people in Rakhine State. Under all such circumstances, worldwide pressure has mounted on Myanmar to take immediate action to stop the violence against Rohingyas but no substantial measures have been taken by the Myanmar government.

Suu Kyi has little, if any, control over the security forces under a military-drafted constitution that also bars her from the Presidency and gives the military vetoing power over political reform. According to media reports, despite New Delhi's support for Rohingyas against the atrocities of Myanmar's government, the Indian government has declared an intention to deport Rohingya Muslims living in India considering them as a threat to national security and also backed Bangladesh's stance over the issue. He did not specify what kind of action he was seeking.

Council members will also get an update on the situation in Myanmar on Tuesday, ahead of the formal briefing by the United Nations chief, which will be held in an open session. "We are calling on the world community to take a stand against this crime against humanity", said Prof Akhtaruzzaman.

Myanmar said earlier this month it was negotiating with veto powers China and Russian Federation to ensure Myanmar would be protected from any Security Council action.



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