Destiny 2 servers down for maintenance this afternoon, but not for long


Destiny 2 servers down for maintenance this afternoon, but not for long

The work will include early maintenance, as well as swapping over certain weekly events, as detailed in the game's first month roadmap. This will reset various rewards an in-game activities, and are scheduled to happen at the same time every week.

Having the potential to last hours on end, Raids put a team of six players up against various tasks, puzzles, and enemies, with randomized encounters and items available in order to provide replay ability. Full details can be found at the link below.

Find outage information and upcoming maintenance for Destiny 2 at the link above.

Destiny 2 finally gets its first raid, The Leviathan, today- and we are already seeing the first few attempts at it by people now.

Little else is known about the Leviathan Raid, with Bungie telling fans not to expect any kind of preview.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons doubled down on the decision to remove the Destiny 2 gauntlets hate symbol with a tweet of his own saying that Bungie supports inclusion and respect for both their employees and their players.

"These are your moments to discover - your mysteries to solve". To help you get past all of its hurdles, we've gathered useful tips to follow as well as what you need to do to access the Leviathan Raid. You will soon discover the who, the what, and the where.

So Guardians without a clan have some time to wait before they can jump into the raid with the aid of several other Guarians by their side.



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