China eyes ban on gas-powered cars


China eyes ban on gas-powered cars

China is not only the world's biggest importer of oil and oil products, it is also world's biggest auto market with 28 million cars sold in 2016 alone.

"These measures will promote profound changes in the environment and give momentum to China's auto industry development", Xin said in remarks broadcast by CCTV state television. Both countries recently announced they would prohibit the production of diesel and petrol cars by 2040.

Would join growing list of countries moving to ban gas, diesel vehicles.

Local manufacturers have already begun receiving subsidies for the manufacturing of the electric-powered vehicles according to Bloomberg. It envisages that 70 per cent of all Ford cars available in China will have electric options by 2025.

China may be the next nation to implement a ban on the sale of vehicles powered exclusively by an internal combustion engine.

China produced and sold more than 28 million vehicles previous year, according to the International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers.

Other countries have already announced bans on fossil fuel vehicles.

Chinese-owned Volvo announced in July that every auto it makes from 2019 onward will have an electric motor.

Electric vehicle companies in China received a boost today after a government official nodded to possible plans for a ban on sales of petrol cars in the country.

China's vehicle market sustained its recent run of growth in August, continuing to expand after a weak start to the year brought about by a rise in China's auto-sales tax.

China plans to "elevate new-energy vehicles to a new strategic level", he said.

China has attempted a sharp pivot away from coal in recent years, banning imports at certain ports and suspending mine development in efforts to curtail pollution and potentially restructure its energy system.

The world's second-biggest economy, which has vowed to cap its carbon emissions by 2030 and curb worsening air pollution, is the latest to join countries such as the United Kingdom and France seeking to phase out vehicles using gasoline and diesel.



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