At least 45 dead in attack on police checkpoint and restaurant


At least 45 dead in attack on police checkpoint and restaurant

Up to 50 people were killed and some 87 others wounded on Thursday in a vehicle bomb and a gunfire attacks near the city of Nasriyah in Iraq's southern province of Dhi Qar, a provincial medical source told Xinhua.

The attacks in the southern province of Thi Qar on Thursday started with unidentified gunmen opening fire inside a restaurant on the main highway that links the capital Baghdad with the southern provinces.

The Islamic State said it was behind both via its news outlet Amaq.

Soon after, Security forces were placed on alert in most of the southern provinces in case the terror group had planned similar attacks.

Sources at city hospitals said four Iranian citizens were among those killed.

Abdel Hussein al Jabri, deputy health chief for Thi Qar, warned the number of dead could rise as numerous wounded were in a serious condition.

He warned that the death toll could rise as several of the wounded were in critical condition.

Iranian pilgrims who were at the restaurant in the first attack were among the casualties. The road targeted by jihadists is in southern Iraqi province Dhi Qar, heavily populated by Shi'ite Muslims.

The islamic State had claimed responsibility for a bomb attack against a checkpoint in outskirts of Basra, at sourn end of country, which has made eleven dead and thirty wounded.



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