Apple shows new Apple TV that supports sharper TV shows and movies


Apple shows new Apple TV that supports sharper TV shows and movies

That's where Apple's other differentiators come in: The biggest might be the fact that it's going to get 4K movies from iTunes, with free upgrades for existing content owned by users who previously purchased 1080p HD versions (provided 4K is available).

Apple has upgraded its Apple TV and introduced Apple TV 4K.

The fifth generation Apple TV, called Apple TV 4K, supports 4K and HDR (high dynamic range) video on compatible televisions. The company revamped the Apple TV interface for 4K. That being said, now 4K content is catching up, it might be a flawless time to launch such a product.

Apple has been trying for years to revolutionise TV in the same way it changed phones.

"Now we're at the next inflection point" for television, chief executive Tim Cook said at Apple's launch event.

Competing gadgets such as Amazon's Fire TV (£79.99), Google's Chromecast Ultra (£69) and Roku's Streaming Stick (£39) cost a lot less than Apple's offering.

Apple just announced a new Apple TV that will stream video in ultra-sharp 4K resolution
Apple shows new Apple TV that supports sharper TV shows and movies

Prior to today's official announcement, we had heard that Apple was clashing with prominent Hollywood studios over the pricing of 4K content.

It all runs on tvOS 11, the latest version of the Apple TV software.

It's been a long time since Apple TV was considered a "hobby".

That's an awesome amount of power for a set-top box, and it will ease 4K streaming on the device. The support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision is a welcome addition - as this opens up the device to a wider array of movies. Sports-related features will also include showing you the score of a game, if you want. The standard Apple TV with 32GB of storage drops to $149. Will all this 4K be in HEVC (H.265)?

Here's everything you need to know about the all new Apple TV 4K.

Schiller highlighted the fact that the new Apple encoder breaks the image down in to "tiles" during the acquisition and encoding time, to analyze up to 2 million tiles per second. According to Eddy Cue's presentation during the keynote, the new Apple TV will be available for ordering on September 15th and will ship on September 22nd.



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