Alibaba's 'Smile to Pay' Payments Tech Comes to KFC in China


Alibaba's 'Smile to Pay' Payments Tech Comes to KFC in China

Yum China, the parent company of KFC China, has launched the concept called KPRO by KFC in Hangzhou, China.

Via a partnership with Ant Financial, Alibaba's financial branch, Yum China Holdings has adopted the advanced technology in its first KPRO restaurant, a sub-brand of KFC. That technology is a facial recognition payment system they are calling Smile To Pay.

KFC has released a new facial recognition system in one of its stores in Hangzhou, China that lets diners pay for their crispy grub using a simple smile. It will recognise your face instantly as you have already enabled this feature to your Alipay app.

This new Smile to Pay payment process doesn't require a smartphone to pay your bills.

This Smile to Pay technology has been something Alibaba has been working on for quite a while. The users of these outlets will definitely going to try out this new Smile to Pay payment service.

According to Chen Jidong, Ant Financial's director of biometric identification technology (the company that operates Alipay), "Combined with 3D cameras and likeness detection algorithm, "Smile to Pay" can effectively block spoofing attempts using other people's photos or video recordings".

Unlike other KFCs, the KPRO store has a focus on healthy eating and tech, offering the likes of salads, paninis, gourmet coffees, freshly squeezed juice, and even craft beer.

Alipay users will be able to authenticate their payment by a combination of facial scanning and inputting their mobile phone number into the service, meaning there is no need for credit or debit cards. "The restaurant is also made for the digitally connected customers and integrates some of the latest technologies from mobile ordering to facial recognition payment".



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