Adam Silver can fine National Basketball Association teams for resting players


Adam Silver can fine National Basketball Association teams for resting players

Wojnarowski also reports the proposal would give Silver authority to fine teams that rest healthy players for nationally televised games, a tactic employed by contenders in recent years to ensure stars are healthy for the postseason. One proposal on the table could see the commissioner gain the power to fine teams thought to be resting players too often.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that a new National Basketball Association draft lottery system is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The board of governors have been presented with the league's proposals for final approval and are set to cast a vote on September 28. First, it would increase the chances the league's star players are playing in marquee matchups for TV. Teams believe that the process of trading for star players has become more hard, with agents and players warning that they will leave come free agency and will never consider re-signing with those teams.

In theory, it's not a proposal, but if you think this is going to solve the supposed problem, think again.

The competition committee also recommended Silver's proposition to curb player resting during the regular season, according to Wojnarowski. If it passes, we'll see how the reaction from the coaches and players around the league goes.

Under the current lottery, the NBA's worst team has a 25 percent chance of landing the top pick, with the second- and third-worst having 19.9 and 15.6 percent, respectively.

The NBA's proposed changes to the system would begin with the 2019 NBA draft and include a change of odds among the league's worst teams of winning the No. 1 overall pick, ESPN reported.

The NBA is expected to vote later this month on draft lottery reform being pushed by commissioner Adam Silver.

Under the new plan, [the three worst] teams would each have a 14 percent chance, league sources said, and the odds for ensuing teams would drop incrementally by a percentage point or two.

The NBA is proposing rule changes to combat tanking, but one of the hidden details in their official proposal may have bigger implications for all teams in the league.



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