What to expect on WWE Smackdown


What to expect on WWE Smackdown

Bobby Roode has dazed the entire SmackDown Live with his gloriousness as he made his debut for the blue brand last week, defeating Aiden English.

In continuing a recent trend, Kevin Owens comes down to the ring to complain about how he was screwed out of the United States Championship (with evidence proving so).

After the match, Corbin throws Dillinger into the barricade and tries to attack Styles but the champ hits him with a jumping forearm to send him packing. Corbin then slams Tye into the ring post.

With John Cena now appearing on Raw, Styles' rivalry with Kevin Owens has been Styles' primary focus. The match had been set up from the earlier incident that saw Jinder and The Singh Brothers attack Nakamura with Orton trying to make a save.

Seeds continue to be planted for an Owens-McMahon bout. and the next SmackDown-branded pay-per-view just so happens to be Hell in a Cell on October 8. In the match, Tye got in a bit of offense but AJ turned the tables on him and ultimately got him into the Calf Crusher for the tap out win.

Shane has heard enough and makes his way out to the ring.

Fashion Files, Back 2 Basics: Nothing specifically entertaining about this one. Shane came out and told Owens he had to step in last week since the referee (Corbin) bailed on the match. McMahon booked English vs. Sami Zayn and told Owens to get lost. Owens stuck around for commentary, then got in the ring and stole the referee's shirt to prove he could be a better referee than Shane. Owens then hits Zayn with a pop-up powerbomb.

What now for Kevin Owens?

Dasha Fuentes is backstage with Dolph Ziggler, who says they can expect nothing tonight in Little Rock.

The SmackDown Tag Team Champion Usos took on The New Day and got to choose the stipulation for their eventual title rematch.

Momentum shifted back-and-forth before Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso were the legal men. Kofi counters a Samoan drop with a sleeper, but Jimmy causes a distraction to free Jey.

Over the past few weeks, Tamina has had this unusual belief that Lana has the power to give her a SmackDown Women's Championship opportunity. After catching Kofi Kingston with a roll-up via a blind tag, the Usos were in a dominant position as they could decide on what kind of match they wanted to have in their title defense.

Will Tamina, with Lana by her side, be able to make her mark on the SD women's division? Rusev got involved to take out Orton, leading to this main event tag team match.

Naomi interrupts Natalya trash talking Carmella to announce that in two weeks on SmackDown Live, Naomi gets her SmackDown Women's Championship rematch. Tamina claimed that it was Lana's confidence that secured her multiple title opportunities out of nothing, even if they were ultimately unsuccessful. Late in the contest, Nakamura tagged in and went after Rusev, taking him down with knees.

Before Shinsuke Nakamura battles Randy Orton next week, they both face their SummerSlam opponents. Nakamura won the match after The Artist delivered a Kinshasa to Rusev for the three count. Orton hit the RKO on Nakamura as he celebrated after the match, the only storyline development for next week's main event.



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