Volkswagen to produce electric version of Microbus


Volkswagen to produce electric version of Microbus

The I.D. Buzz concept produces upwards of 360 horsepower equivalent, and can sprint from 0-100 km/h in less than 5 seconds! The van's rear seats are capable of transforming into a bed and there's a front trunk, like the original VW Beetle. Volkswagen has batted around ideas for updates on their iconic minibus over the years, but now they've made it official that this model, dubbed the I.D. Buzz, will go into production in 2022, as Road & Track reports.

The target markets of the I.D. Buzz would be North America, Europe and China.


The big selling point of this new VW I.D. Buzz concept is the new fully automated "I.D".

Volkswagen has confirmed its electric version of the Microbus will be on sale in 2022. Variable seating, interactive connectivity and highly automated driving will all be part of the production model's specification.

"After the presentations at the global motor shows in Detroit and Geneva, we received a large number of letters and emails from customers who said, "please build this car"," said Volkswagen brand CEO Dr. Herbert Diess in a statement. The concept features a platform very similar to the old General Motors Autonomy concept from the early 2000s - a flat "skateboard" chassis that houses all of the components of the electric drive, including batteries and controls, with a "top hat" body that can be adapted to whatever the manufacturer desires, be it a small sedan, SUV or minivan-style vehicle. The iconic VW metal logo in the front of the auto is the same as the classic, along with the two-tone paint job.

VW says the new all-wheel-drive machine will be able to transport eight passengers and get up to 270 miles of all-battery range. The six-seater vehicle offers a spacious interior the size of a decent SUV while offering the more modest size of a compact cargo van - and it's fully electric, with Level 3 autonomous control, meaning it can steer, stop, and accelerate on its own in certain conditions, but requires a driver in the driver's seat.

Volkswagen hopes to gain the trust of consumers back with these new autonomous and electric vehicle, especially after their diesel emission scandal.



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