United States bombers with Korea, Japan jets show ready to 'Fight Tonight'


United States bombers with Korea, Japan jets show ready to 'Fight Tonight'

U.S. stocks have been in retreat since President Donald Trump Tuesday issued a fiery warning to North Korea to halt its nuclear program.

In the USA territory, there's a sense of patriotism among those who cite the island's history of Guam residents serving in the US military. "I have faith in God and I have faith in our military".

With that said, I want to ensure that we are prepared for any eventuality.

An academic says Guam is being used as a pawn in the confrontation between the North Korea and the United States.

Guam is home to key military bases and 160,000 Americans. Their location in a USA territory means its military is just hours from potential flashpoints in the western Pacific. The U.S. took control of Guam in 1898, when Spanish authorities surrendered to the U.S. Navy.

Resident Isaac Camacho, 19, says he feels Guam's relationship with the USA mainland is "a little misunderstood on their part".

"We have vetted this message through the Mariana Regional Fusion Center (MRFC) as well as reached out to our Navy partners", he said.

North Korean state media reported on Thursday plans for the strike would be ready by mid-August and will await the orders of the "commander-in-chief of the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) nuclear force", understood to be Kim Jong Un.

Guam is about 2,100 miles (3,380 kilometers) southeast of Pyongyang and 3,800 miles (6,115 kilometers) west of Honolulu in the Pacific Ocean.

Ellsworth B-1's were last sent to Guam from South Dakota in August 2016.

Japan said it had conducted joint air drills with USA supersonic bombers in Japanese skies close to the Korean peninsula on Tuesday as tension in the region escalates amid North Korea's continued ballistic missile tests. An attack or threat to Guam is a threat or attack on the United States.



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