Surveillance Drone to Fly at Trump Golf Course During Visit


Surveillance Drone to Fly at Trump Golf Course During Visit

Trump has played 21 times during that same period.

Trump will reach the 200-day mark in his presidency on Monday.

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Flynn - who was ousted mere weeks after being named Trump's national security adviser over mischaracterizing contacts with Russian officials - is at the center of the Russia controversy plaguing the White House.

So how does Trump's presser record compare to his predecessors?

That sentiment was echoed by Obama's former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor, who took a dig at Trump over Twitter but nonetheless said he'd have been mortified to see such a leak happen to his former boss. A former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, David Frum, wrote in The Atlantic that the action was "unprecedented, shocking, and risky".

Despite their clear news value, some journalists and pundits questioned whether the leaked transcripts should be published.

We don't know exactly how Kelly put it, but given the circumstances, it's likely the retired general told Sessions not to worry too much about what the president says.

Obama and other past presidents sometimes scheduled press Q&A's in prime time to shape public debates and reach a large audience. That he took vacations - and to liberal enclaves like Martha's Vineyard! - played perfectly into that perception. The occasion was his nomination of a new chairman of the joint chiefs.

Some Bedminster residents are also irked by Mr Trump's extended stay at his central New Jersey property.

But his practices so far this year suggest that's unlikely.

It seems the President has since had a change of heart. He was running as the anti-Obama, the tough-talking, hard-deal-making business guy who knew how to run things - not the professor-turned-community-organizer who thought more government was the answer to anything and everything.

And why should we feel good about trusting our well-being to Washington, when Washington is full of people like this and those of you who are supposed to be holding them accountable encourage the most dishonest, disloyal behavior - as long as it benefits you?

He refrained from attacking the media specifically, potentially signaling a new strategy. I have recognized the right of any government to protect its borders as it deems necessary and convenient. He has broken with tradition by favoring friendly, conservative-leaning outlets on occasion, instead of calling on main line news organizations like the Associated Press and Reuters. There is utter chaos and confusion on every front - more so inside the White House. From the revelations about the Trump campaign's numerous meetings with the Russians - some of them involving the son and son-in-law of the president no less - to Trump's own admission about Moscow's possible "involvement" in the United States elections, it gets more damaging and fascinating with each passing day.



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