School bus safety tips for kids, drivers


School bus safety tips for kids, drivers

"We want people to focus on their driving, be patient, and slow down in school zones", he says.

Dr. Michele Moore wrote that the school corporation hired True Consultant Service in February 2017 to reorganize routes to accommodate students who had previously walked to school and arrange buses by student age groups. Yellow lights mean we are approaching a stop, the red lights mean we are picking up a student.

Indiana State Police receive complaints nearly daily from school bus drivers, parents and concerned citizens about motorists not stopping for school buses when required. Martinsville's Superintendent, Dr. Michele Moore, says all three districts have had problems with the service. "After a meeting with our bus drivers, principals, and Mr. Mills tonight, we all have chose to return to our bus route system from previous years", Moore wrote in part of the announcement. The results are frightening to say the least.

We ask all motorists to keep that in mind as they take to the road each day and encounter the many school buses in our region that transport some truly precious cargo.

Bus drivers were so fed up they reportedly threatened to strike.

Drivers who illegally pass a school bus and are seen by law enforcement can be pulled over and issued a moving violation.

Washington Community Schools Transportation Director Gary Puckett said some of the most spots where drivers run the stop arms include Business 50 East, near Theroff's Motel and Hardee's.

The common rule among school bus drivers is simple but worth overstating - respect the bus.

The fine for a first offense for unlawfully passing a school bus is $300. Vehicles that are approaching from the opposite side are NOT required to stop.

According to Georgia law, vehicles traveling in both directions must stop when a school bus activates its stop-arm on a two-lane road or a multi-lane road with no median or barrier.

When a school bus stops on a multi-lane roadway without a barrier and the red flashing lights are activated and the stop arm is extended, all motorists MUST stop.

Drivers should always be looking out for school buses and expect those buses to make frequent stops during the morning and afternoon school hours.

Bus drivers in the Lee County and Tupelo school districts spend time before school starts reviewing safety guidelines and practicing their routes, as reported by the Daily Journal's Emma Crawford Kent.



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