R&B star Usher sued by fans for allegedly exposing them to herpes


R&B star Usher sued by fans for allegedly exposing them to herpes

According to the lawsuit obtained by the news site, all three complainants reiterated that Usher "knowingly exposed them to #herpes". Reportedly, Usher took an interest in her and they met up later.

Sharpton said she was shocked last month to learn that Usher possibly has herpes, an incurable sexually-transmitted disease.

Last month it was reported Usher was forced to fork out $1.1 million Dollars to a woman he was involved with after she filed court documents stating she got herpes from him. Bloom is best known for being Gloria Allred's daughter and for recently representing Kathy Griffin during the whole bloody Trump head publicity stunt.

The lawsuit brought in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of Quantasia Sharpton and two other plaintiffs, identified only as John and Jane Doe, alleges sexual battery, fraud, neligence and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. It is unclear whether the infected person is the man or the woman.

However, as a highly-contagious disease that can cause high-risk pregnancies, miscarriages, and expensive treatment - Bloom says that usher should have told his sexual partners about his diagnosis.

Two women and one man sued the musician this week. "But I contacted Lisa Bloom to find out what my rights are as a woman", she continued.

A week prior to her public reveal as one of Usher's many accusers, Sharpton, under the alias Angel Valentino, posted on Facebook, "I need some money", TMZ reported. You and your friend are coming back with him.' Me and my girl got backstage. She attended the concert for her 19th birthday and said that she has been a big fan of his. Eventually, Sharpton received a call from the singer. He arrived a half hour later. She then alleged that she was invited backstage and later had sex with the singer in a hotel room.

Sharpton revealed she had "never heard from him again". The bad news is that she's an idiot who wears a crown to celebrate her birthday at a concert.

There are rumors that she also goes by the name Quantaise Owens and that she publicly accused August Alsina of fathering her child.

"I feel like my rights were violated", she said adding she chose to join the lawsuit so he "does not do this to anyone else".

There is an acronym in social media dating known as BBW, or "big lovely women".



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