Multiplayer in 'No Man's Sky' gets fans' hopes up all over again


Multiplayer in 'No Man's Sky' gets fans' hopes up all over again

With a heavy emphasis on new context, quest system, and branching narrative to discovering the truth of No Man's Sky, there is almost 30 hours of new story content.

Entitled Atlas Rises, the update introduces monumental changes and improvements to numerous game's systems, including 30 hours of entirely new story content, new missions, and a barebones form of online multiplayer.

The variety and visual quality of planetary biomes has been improved.

Travel is getting a bit of an overhaul as well.

Remember that planet you earmarked as "New Earth" way back when No Man's Sky first came out? There will also be new flight options, including low altitude flight options and new weapons.

When No Man's Sky released previous year, many considered it technically impressive, but somewhat lacking in features.

There's a lot more to this update, from new ship designs and UI updates to tweaks to space combat and the addition of terrain editing. It's been re-calibrated to give you more info and better rewards for scanning everything you see. Either way, Hello Games is going to have a lot of making up to do with the gaming community if it wants us to forgive them for No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky has released several updates this past year which have helped to satisfy fans of the game.

"While interaction is very limited, VOIP (Voice over IP) allows proximity based voice chat with other nearby explorers".

"Joint exploration" as it's being called, will allow up to 16 other players to enter a game, however they won't be as visible as you'd expect, rather they'll be floating orbs in amongst the universe.

You'll be able to analyse resources before you start hacking away to gain alternative resources from mining too.

Form terrain around your base to make it feel like part of the environment. But no, joint exploration turns out to be actual (if rudimentary) cooperative play, in which players physically float around next to each other, and can explore the galaxy together.

Space combat mechanics have been improved to make fighting in space more compelling. Additionally, this game wouldn't be dishonestly marketed the way No Man's Sky was and live up the hype.

Say what you will about the state No Man's Sky launched in, and what the developers had said about it before it launched, but there's no denying that Hello Games has been surprisingly committed to the game.



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