Moon to spoil meteor show - astronomers


Moon to spoil meteor show - astronomers

The usual rate for the Perseid shower is about 50 or so meteors an hour, but in some years, the number can reach around 150 per hour.

The best time of night to take a look at the sky will be from about 1am until dawn breaks.

Although the peak might not be viewable, local astronomers concur that plenty of meteors should still be visible immediately before and after the shower's peak.

Catching a sight of this meteor shower is an absolutely phenomenal experience as Johann Nishant, an astrophotographer who captured the meteor shower past year, describes it.

There is going to be a meteor shower on 12th of August, 2017.

Your own worldly view will be enough as it is preferable to be able to see all of the sky at the same time so you can see more streaking fireballs that may be shooting across. Meteor showers are named for the constellation that coincides with this region in the sky, a spot known as the radiant. The partial lunar eclipse on August 7 has brought out the moon in all its glory which unfortunately is bad news for amateur astronomers in the city.

To get the best view of the Perseids, make sure you are observing the sky on a cloud-free night.

The meteors - traveling at a rate of about 37 miles per second - are caused by the earth passing through debris in the wake of Comet Swift-Tuttle, seemingly radiating out of the constellation Perseus. ABAA's president Jayanth Basvarajaiyah says, "It is a handsome experience, if you do get to see it". I mean if meteor showers are the thing you really get off to, I'm not saying to put away your lube and your telescope.

Several sources include the added imperative that, regardless of your age, it's probably the last chance to see anything that even comes close, meteor-wise, that is.

Somewhere like the Peak District or Lake District would be the best possible place. Let your eyes adjust for 20 minutes, then have patience and observe the sight.



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