Microsoft sets $399 price for Minecraft-playing virtual reality set


Microsoft sets $399 price for Minecraft-playing virtual reality set

Microsoft still hopes it can put the "reality" into virtual reality sales.

Kipman didn't detail what that Halo experience would be, only that it would be created in conjunction with studio 343 Industries, which is in charge of creating the first-person shooters in the Halo fictional universe.

The imaginatively named Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset offers a 3K resolution (at 90Hz), and uses inside-out tracking via two cameras on the front of the device, meaning it doesn't need external sensors (like the and ) or any complicated setup.

Microsoft thinks Windows 10 could become the platform of choice for virtual reality, ensuring the operating system stays relevant for years to come. The visor also features a unique flip-up capability for quickly transitioning from a virtual world to the real world without having to take the headset off completely. Kipman affirmed that the VR distribution service and the Steam video game would be operating with the new Windows-based VR headsets.

Pricing is important: Acer's headset, for instance, will be available for $299 without the controllers, undercutting the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The Dell Visor, Dell's first headset for Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality platform, will be available this October for $349.99 or in a bundle with two controllers for $449.99.

Although most experts would call Microsoft's tech virtual reality, it prefers the term Windows Mixed Reality because it mixes an occluded world (where users can not see the real world) with sensors that sense both hands and body movement.

Whether or not Microsoft actually follows through with Mixed Reality or abandons it in a couple of years remains to be seen, but with impressive support from PC OEMs across the board, it looks as though Redmond might have a fighting chance. And now today, Asus played its mixed reality hand.

- Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs - Laptops and desktops with discrete graphics will support up to 90 frames per second.

Microsoft is making this fall a great deal more interesting for any and all parties interested in virtual reality. The standout was Superhot VR: the novel first-person shooter really comes alive when you can physically dodge bullets. They praise its overall capability and describe the Windows Mixed Reality controllers that are compatible with it as being a best-of-both-worlds fusion of the Oculus Touch and the HTC Vive's controllers. But I am, of course, curious to see how things develop. No matter what monitor or HMD you buy, your games will run on them no matter where you get them from.

The new controllers operate in a 3-dimensional space including forward/back, up/down, and left/right with sensors in the headset tracking motion.



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