Microsoft launches Surface Plus upgrade plan


Microsoft launches Surface Plus upgrade plan

Surface Plus is the companies new service that can help an eligible student finance the purchase of a new Surface device along with several additional benefits.

Visit Microsoft Store website and signup for the offer.

The two plans, Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business, are available at or at Microsoft stores in the US. Open the Paint 3D app to get started and make sure you are in the Paint 3D app when you are using the Surface Dial to access the features below. Surprisingly, the payment amount will be low and Microsoft will charge 0% interest.

To qualify for the upgrade, people must be able to return their used Surfaces in "good condition" and agree to a new 24-month payment plan, Microsoft said.

Note: It seems the Surface Plus webpages linked above are not yet active and their availability may be tied to the 9:00 AM PT launch of this new service.

With Surface Plus, students and other Surface customers can purchase a Surface device with an easy, 24-month payment plan at 0% April. Businesses can opt for an 18-, 24-, or 30-month contract and upgrade their devices after 12 months on the 24-month plan or after 18 months on the 30-month plan, as well as "expand or reduce their fleet mid-term".

Surface Plus members also get what Microsoft calls "best in class" service and support from Microsoft Stores. Customers also have the option to add the Microsoft Complete extended service plan.

Surface Plus for Business lets SMBs add as many devices as needed, and a mix of models, to a single agreement.

Microsoft always has a collection of deals at this time of the year to assist students however, in addition to the normal collection of stuff they are announcing a new program that can help students begin the year with a new Surface device.

- Office 365 for Business:.

Small and medium sized businesses, meanwhile, can enjoy Surface Plus for Business. With PC competition so fierce, Microsoft is getting creative in ways to make the Surface more affordable - and to make students and individual buyers pause before buying a new Apple Mac. A big selling point for this plan is that fact that customers can upgrade to the latest Surface model after an 18-month period.



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