Michael Phelps and His Wife Announce They Are Expecting Second Child


Michael Phelps and His Wife Announce They Are Expecting Second Child

Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole just announced they are expecting again.

The couple used Boomer's official Instagram account to announce Nicole's second pregnancy. "So excited! Wonder if it's a boy or a girl??" he asked on Instagram, captioning a snap of Nicole and baby Boomer, who's now 15 months.

The proud dad, named the most decorated summer Olympian of all time, shared the same image on his own Instagram account with the caption, "Number 2 on the way!"

Phelps, a 23-time Olympic gold medalist, chimed in on Tuesday with a amusing idea: He could come out of retirement and challenge McGregor in the pool. "Lil' man's going to be a Big Brother!" she wrote. Just recently, the People has reported that Johnson has shared about wanting a baby girl.

Michael Phelps is to the angels!

Phelps retired from swimming for a second time after the winning five gold medals and one silver medal at the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

Boomer looks ecstatic to be a big brother, and in the photo he his happily clapping as his mother shows him her positive pregnancy test.

The Phelps family is expanding! "So excited to see what mama is having!" they captioned a photo of Boomer.

"[Maybe] We'll have somebody else who's like, 'Why am I not in those pictures?' Maybe that will push Michael enough to go back". Gold medal work, you guys.



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