Man 'faked crying' when asked about gun in Clinton police officer killing


Man 'faked crying' when asked about gun in Clinton police officer killing

Ian McCarthy appeared via video at his arraignment Friday at the Henry County Courthouse in Clinton.

Ian McCarthy is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in Michael's death.

Bill Lowe says the rifle was found Thursday in a creek about two miles north of Clinton, where 37-year-old officer Gary Michael was shot and killed Sunday night. Police say he agreed to show police the guns at his house in Clinton.

Lowe said that the relationship between McCarthy and Noble was unclear.

The officer told him he knew the answer to his own question.

The Henry County prosecutor says that Noble knew the rifle was used in a crime and attempted to hide it. Police say Noble acted like he was visibly upset and faked crying. He took officers to the creek Thursday, where they recovered a rifle that "meets the description and be the weapon used in the murder", according to the probable cause statement.

Police say he then changed his story and admitted he bought the gun for McCarthy who had asked him to do so. Noble provided police a written statement about selling the firearm to McCarthy. They told The Kansas City Star that McCarthy generally stayed inside his home only a few blocks from where Michael was killed and seemed to spend his time playing video games and hunting and fishing.

The officers then asked Noble if he knew where the gun was.

Manchester Police confirmed earlier this week that a warrant was issued here for McCarthy in 2013 for assault.

An officer walked to the edge of the water near NW 300th Road and NW 131st Road and spotted the stock of a weapon under water. When Michael exited his vehicle to initiate contact with the driver, he was shot, Lowe said, adding that the officer fired back but it's unknown at this time whether the driver was struck.

Investigators say Michael was killed when the driver of a auto he stopped for a traffic violation Sunday jumped out and shot him.

The investigation is continuing and could result in charges against other individuals.



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