Kylie Jenner's Lip-Smacking $420 Million Cosmetics Score


Kylie Jenner's Lip-Smacking $420 Million Cosmetics Score

How much money can a beauty brand whose $29 products sometimes sell out in minutes online make in just a year and a half?

Kylie Jenner officially only has one more year to go before she's legal.

The business is reportedly on track to pull in $1 billion by 2022 - an astonishing number when compared to the history of its long-serving industry competitors.

WWD noted that the younger Jenner's company could become a billion dollar fashion company by 2020 if growth of Life of Kylie continues at its current pace. "She's awesome.'" Meanwhile, Kylie herself admitted she initially "didn't really know" what her "vision" for the line was, but now she's so far down the line, she's having fun releasing new additions to the collection all the time. It was in the lag months that Kris and Kylie embarked on their partnership with current manufacturer, Oxnard, Calif. -based Seed Beauty, which is also the parent company of ColourPop.

Kylie made $10 million Dollars in one day when she launched her birthday collection on August 1. I think people were surprised that the brand is so successful because it's something that Kylie's created but didn't really expect the whole business to be the ideal storm.

The eight-part series is set to follow the life of the reality star as she deals with running a business while maintaining a "normal" life and her close friendship with Woods.

All of her beauty experiments, from lip kits, to loose highlighters to eye shadow palettes sell out.

The social media mogul added that she wasn't sure if people would like her products upon their initial launch. "I want to keep building it and just show people what I can do on my own", she revealed. In the beginning, I thought my brand had to be consistent and everything look the same and that was stressing me out.

Since then, Kylie has expanded her range of lip kits with several different shades, but has also created new collections, such as highlighters, blushers, bronzers and themed bundles to celebrate Christmas and her birthday.



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