HBO Confirms Fourth Episode Of "Game Of Thrones" Has Leaked Online


As hackers have promised more leaks in upcoming days, we will keep reporting any GoT Season 7 episode leaks as they happen.

The hackers that broke into HBO's systems have apparently gained access to much more than a few pieces of content, according to reports. We're almost halfway through a shorter season, and while we wait to see what happens next, a slew of new images from episode 4, titled The Spoils of War, have been released to further fuel the speculation.

An Indian Express report stated that the leaked episode bore watermarks of Hotstar, the streaming service on which Game of Thrones airs in India. That's despite news of a recently disclosed hack at HBO that may have led to the leaking of some "Game of Thrones" data. "This is a grave issue and we are taking appropriate legal remedial action". HBO chose to scrap screeners for season 7, but it appears this is the first time an episode has leaked due to a security breach at the network.

Game of Thrones kicked off its season 7 madness July 16, drawing more than 10 million viewers for the premiere.

Reporters have not yet exclusively confirmed that the group of hackers has obtained the data that they said to have hijacked. In a memo distributed to HBO employees on Monday, CEO Richard Plepler said senior executives, working with outside security experts, are "working round the clock to protect our collective interests".

It's not just episodes of Thrones that have been taken by the hackers. Now the network is working along with law enforcement and independent cyber security experts to investigate the attack. "Data protection is a top priority at HBO, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold". "The biggest crackdown of cyber space time has begun". Since season seven has only four episodes left to air, that only leaves ten episodes left for potential leaks.



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