Game of Thrones TV company suffers breach


And this time it's not just nihilistic Game of Thrones spoilers-there's a ransom note, too.

Meanwhile, HBO spokesperson Jeff Cusson said that the company had been expecting more data to emerge from its breach and the company's "forensic review is ongoing".

The ransom note was featured in a video with scrolling text demanding an unspecified amount of money, addressed to HBO chief executive Richard Plepler. The hackers, whose motto is "HBO is Falling", demanded $6 million in bitcoin, the digital currency.

In the recent leak, they posted company's several internal documents, including emails, employment agreements, financial balance sheets, and more. In that attack, hackers possibly associated with North Korea unearthed thousands of embarrassing emails and released personal information, including salaries and social security numbers, of almost 50,000 current and former Sony employees.

The materials, which mark the first evidence that some HBO private emails are in the hands of hackers, came in an email message to The Hollywood Reporter that also contained nine files with such labels as "Confidential" and "Script GOT7".

The hackers have now leaked a second batch of data, including the script for the yet-to-air fifth episode from the current Game Of Thrones season.

When hackers broke into HBO's systems last month, the cable network's executives told staffers that they didn't believe its email system had been compromised "as a whole".

So far, the group has released the fourth episode of season seven before its official release date and fans did not hesitate to fulfill their curiosity.

Pay up within three days or see the group, which claims to have stolen 1.5 terabytes of HBO shows and confidential corporate data, upload entire series and sensitive proprietary files. "Our demand is clear and Non-Negotiable: We want XXXX dollars to stop leaking your Data", the letter reads. HBO spends $12 million for Market Research and $5 million for "GOT7′ advertisements". Specifically, the hackers said HBO should consider the ransom "another budget for [its] advertisements".

Perhaps most troubling for HBO is the potential of having scripts and recordings from upcoming shows leaked.

HBO has provided few details about the hack.



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