Drivers cheat death when vehicle plunges seven stories onto SUV


Drivers cheat death when vehicle plunges seven stories onto SUV

Austin Police released shocking CCTV footage of the July 13 incident on Thursday.

That noise turned out to be a BMW falling seven stories from a parking garage.

Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services responded to the parking garage at 508 Brazos Street around 8:30 a.m., after the auto broke through a barrier and plunged into an alley.

In the clip, shot from a security camera in the alley below, we see a Chevy Tahoe completing a three-point turn and getting ready to park. Then the BMW suddenly slams into the ground behind the Chevrolet Tahoe, hitting the back of the vehicle and rolling upside down.

Police said the woman driving the BMW, who had serious injuries from the crash, mistook the gas pedal for the brakes and crashed through the parking garage barriers.

"I can just imagine what she was thinking when I had said, 'a auto just landed on me, I gotta go, '" he said.

In September a 23-year-old man accidentally drove off the garage's top level however his auto miraculously dangled for several minutes and he managed to escape, Dallas News reports. The driver managed to escape with the help of a bystander.

The garage was cited by Austin officials last September over unsafe barrier cable systems.



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