Congresswoman Maxine Waters reaffirms 'impeach Trump' mission during BET ceremony


Congresswoman Maxine Waters reaffirms 'impeach Trump' mission during BET ceremony

"Let me tell you", Waters responded, "the leadership starts at the top and it is this president that his own people have no confidence in".

Earlier Friday morning, she appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" and said Trump is "the most deplorable person I've ever met in my life". Waters did not offer a reason, but considering Pence is a Republican, that's good enough in her eyes.

The California congresswoman also shot down rumors of a possible run at the White House in 2020, saying that the only thing she is running for is the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The talk of impeachment has been slowly ramping up among Democratic lawmakers and around the country.

As the audience cheered, host Joy Behar sang "Lock him up!"

The interview on "The View" was Waters' second TV appearance of the day.

But on Friday's episode of The View, the 78-year-old squashed those rumors, telling hosts that she does not have her eye on the White House.

During the segment, she was asked if it was appropriate to speak about impeaching Trump given the latest news of special counsel Robert Mueller calling for a grand jury in relation to the Russian Federation investigation.

The response by Waters was in reference to a comment made by Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. I may not like it, but I feel this: "what you don't want to hear, don't listen to it... but when you start to talk about limiting voices and opinions, I think that's risky in a democracy".

Waters is a representative of California's 43rd congressional district and previously served the state's 35th and 29th districts. "I was one of the defenders of rap music even when it was gangster music because I thought it was creative and I thought that it opened up a whole new economic opportunity for black people where jobs and positions were created when they wouldn't play rap music on some of the major stations", she explains. Most recently, a video of Waters aggressively "reclaiming her time" during a House Financial Services Committee confrontation with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin became an instant meme.



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