Captive for 2 years: Woman, children found in Spotsylvania home


Captive for 2 years: Woman, children found in Spotsylvania home

While Moore talked to the officers, a woman and two children ran out of the home's side door and straight to the deputies.

A neighbor told NBC 4 that the last time she saw the woman and her two children was when they moved into the house, which she believed was prior to summer past year.

A man is facing multiple felonies after he allegedly held a woman and two children captive inside a Spotsylvania County home for roughly two years. They were taken to safety and told authorities it had been at least two years since they were allowed out of the house, the sheriff's office said. Law enforcement officers now believe the two children had never been permitted to attend school.

Kariem Ali Muhammad Moore has been charged with three felony counts of abduction along with felony assault and battery. She said the were held against their will by Moore, the father of the children.

Investigators said the windows of the home had been covered with blankets and other materials.

The woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition for health issues that had gone untreated for quite some time.

Deputies said the children were examined at a local medical facility and turned over to family members. Virginia law enforcement officers have been able to verify the woman and Moore are not married. The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office said that more charges could be coming as well.

Moore has been ordered held without bond and is being held at Rappahannock Regional Jail.

The neighbor added that Moore once told her his girlfriend was handicapped, and that she assumed Moore lived alone.



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