Britney Spears Terrified As Man Storms Her Vegas Show Stage


Britney Spears Terrified As Man Storms Her Vegas Show Stage

That protection plan was put on full display Wednesday night as a man rushed the stage of Britney Spears' Planet Hollywood residency, Piece of Me.

TMZ obtained footage of the incident, in which a man approached the stage at Spears' Vegas Piece of Me showcase at Planet Hollywood.

A bodyguard standing to Spears' right noticed the man from across the stage and tried to get the singer's attention as she performed insane.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears' backup dancers were attempting to subdue the armed fan, who had kicked a security guard in the face while attempting to do a cartwheel.

You hear her ask if everything is OK.

The singer is then immediately rushed off stage as her security team continues to wrestle with the fan and the audience boos him. However, Spears is expected to continue on with her scheduled performances starting on Friday, Aug. 11. Webb responded by jumping on stage, but he was swiftly tackled by the bodyguards and the dancers. Multiple media outlets reported that Spears later returned to the stage to finish the show.

Missed being on stage. ready for Vegas tonight!

She was soon escorted from the stage by helpers.

"Spears" dancers have been known to come to her aid mid-performance in the past.

At first Britney was unaware of the intrusion, but quickly her security surrounded her as other members of her team attempted to detain him. "I'm sooooo excited to see you all!"

Another simply wrote: "Poor Britney leave her alone".



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