Western values increasingly endangered by terrorism and extremism, Trump warns Europe


Western values increasingly endangered by terrorism and extremism, Trump warns Europe

In a state television announcement on Tuesday, North Korea said that it had test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach Alaska.

What was the difference in the diverging remarks?

While Europe no longer faces the threat of communism, Trump said the West faces "dire threats". "It's one thing to read paeans to free speech and the rule of law off a teleprompter", Democratic consultant David Axelrod tweeted.

The pair plan to sit down on Friday in Hamburg, Germany, on the sidelines of an global summit.

Trump will then fly to Hamburg, Germany to attend the G-20 summit, where he will meet with foreign leaders including Germany's Angela Merkel and Russia's Vladimir Putin. "If it were somebody else other than Trump, you could imagine a tough conversation about Ukraine and election meddling, but that's probably too optimistic".

He reiterated that stance on Thursday while in Poland, one of the Eastern European countries most concerned with Russia's aggressiveness.

He added, "I think it could very well have been Russian Federation but I think it well could have been other countries and I won't be specific".

Many Poles welcome strengthened bonds with the United States, says Marcin Zaborowski of Visegrad Insight, a Warsaw-based journal of politics and culture focused on central Europe.

Responding to a question about the ongoing threat of North Korea and its missile and nuclear programs, Trump said they "are behaving in a very, very unsafe manner".

Trump will be joined by Polish President Andrzej Duda, Prime Minister Beata Awl and the European leaders involved in the Three Seas Initiative summit for the speech.

In a news conference before his speech, Mr Trump questioned the veracity of American intelligence about foreign meddling in the U.S. election, arguing that Russian Federation was not the only country that may have interfered. "And especially in this place because this is the historical place, very important for the Polish people and for the citizens of Warsaw", resident Adam Kędziorek told VOA. And by the way, not everybody is fake news, but we don't want fake news.

The U.S. has been considering a range of possible sanctions, economic measures and other steps in response to Pyongyang.



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