U.S. to test anti-missile system amid N Korea tensions


U.S. to test anti-missile system amid N Korea tensions

The exact date of the test is not yet disclosed by the US Defense Department Missile Defense Agency (MDA), who will conduct the test, reported CNN.

"It showed that North Korea does not want to be part of a peaceful world", US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said at an emergency Security Council meeting following the launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea.

The long-range heavy aircraft each dropped a 900kg laser-guided bunker-busting smart bomb, Yonhap said. "North Korea's continued pursuit of nuclear& ballistic missile programmes and proliferation links pose grave threat to worldwide peace. We have great capabilities in the area of trade", she said, adding that she had spoken with President Donald Trump about the issue.

The drill simulated the two United States bombers destroying enemy ballistic missile batteries and South Korean jets mounting precision strikes against underground enemy command posts, the South's air force said.

According to MDA spokesman Chris Johnson, the test is called Flight Test THAAD (FTT)-18.

The test of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile, created to shoot down medium and intermediate range missiles, has been planned for months, Reuters reported. While the threat of an intercontinental ballistic missile attack on Australia is "low", longer-range and submarine-launched ballistic and cruise missiles could threaten Australian territory, and shorter-range ballistic and cruise missiles pose a threat to deployed forces.

THAAD's prime contractor, Lockheed Martin Corp, stated the missile defense system can intercept missiles outside the Earth's atmosphere, as well as inside the atmosphere.

Australia will press ahead with a missile defense program to protect its forces, but a USA shield system isn't appropriate, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

The GMD system successfully shot down an incoming, simulated North Korean ICBM in a test in May.



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