Tillerson Says "I'm Not Going Anywhere" After Resignation Rumours


Tillerson Says

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is knocking down a flurry of speculation that he is unhappy in his job and may soon quit.

It has gotten so bad that The Washington Free Beacon reports that the State Department is in "open war" with the West Wing.

Secretarty of State intends to remain US's top diplomat "as long as the president lets me".

Tillerson's comments came a day after State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert flatly denied that he was planning an early departure from the administration.

Pressed about Tillerson's light schedule in recent days, Nauert said the secretary was "just taking a little time off".

On Wednesday, Tillerson sought to dispel those rumors, telling reporters he has a "good" relationship with the president.

One source of acrimony is a severe staffing shortage at the State Department - only 10 of 128 positions have been filled, reportedly due to differences of opinion regarding appointments.

When Nauert was asked why Tillerson's time off was not being directly referred to as a vacation, she said she was unsure what language was typically used for such absences. Clashes over policy with White House advisers have also loomed large, particularly concerning Trump's efforts to ban refugees from the United States.

Following last month's move by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to boycott Qatar, Tillerson publicly asked the nations to ease their blockade, and put the onus on both sides to end the crisis.

Tillerson spoke briefly with reporters before heading into a meeting with Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani in Washington.

Nauert pointed out that Tillerson "does, however, serve at the pleasure of the President, just as any cabinet official would".

He's deeply engaged in that work، ABC News reported.



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