Thousands of pounds of live eels strewn across OR highway


Thousands of pounds of live eels strewn across OR highway

Apparently, the truck failed to stop after being advised by an Oregon DOT worker and a shift in weight caused the truck to flip. The truck was carrying around 7,500 pounds of hagfish when it overturned on the highway.

The CRV was pushed into a Ford Focus being driven 33-year-old Kristine Torp of Norway, who was accompanied by 30-year-old Melissa Waage, also of Norway.

Slimy: A truck overturned and eels spilled out into the street, coating cars and the road with a gooey mess.

"HWY 101 mp 131 just got slimed", they posted on Twitter. They are a primitive jawless fish that produce a protein based mucous through their glands on each side of their body. There were no major injuries, though several vehicles suffered damage and became engulfed in the slime. The firemen washed the hagfish away within few hours and cleared the roads.

Here's something you don't see everyday I'm sure.

Salvatore J. Tragale was unable to stop a truck filled with 13 containers of hagfish, or "slime eels" when he approached traffic, which had backed up due to construction on Highway 101. Not just that there is even a video which will make you feel yuck! Depoe Bay firefights helped remove the livestock from the roadway, in efforts that included a bulldozer.

The Oregon State Police took the accident in stride, posting photos from the scene.

An eyewitness, Erin Butler of McMinnville told FOX 12 that the scene was unbelievable.

The type of hagfish found in the Pacific Northwest and its slime is used in cuisine in Korea and by the Korean diaspora.

Police said the eels were being shipped for consumption in Korea.

A truck carrying eels turned over on Thursday in OR, dropping hundreds of the slimy creatures along the road and on a auto.



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