Standalone HTC Vive Headset Announced


Standalone HTC Vive Headset Announced

HTC Corporation ("HTC"), a pioneer in innovative, smart mobile and virtual reality (VR) technologies, announced at ChinaJoy 2017 the first Vive Standalone VR headset for the China market, which will utilize Viveport as its official content platform. The company didn't say when the standalone headset would launch in China.

Not just that, headset makers will also be able to provide users with accompanying devices such as controllers, which might also be wireless and feature hand-tracking technology, which will track a user's hand movement and create the accompanying experience in VR. First, they are disconnected from a PC and don't require attachment to a desktop for processing or display output.

We're also still waiting for the specs, although we do have some dark images showing an apparently light and plain headset.

While we're still eagerly awaiting for the United Kingdom variant of HTC's standalone VR headset to be announced, the company has announced a standalone HTC Vive VR headset in China.

Could this be the future of VR?

HTC Vive's standalone VR headsets give gamers access to virtual reality Vive titles, with no need for expensive PCs tethered to the helmet.

HTC's next headset isn't going to be a Vive II, but will instead be a standalone headset within the Vive family. Although there are accessories that can untether your experience, it looks like HTC has partnered with Qualcomm to produce a self-contained Vive headset - dubbed the Vive Standalone - that will be exclusive to China. Powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor, the headset features inside-out positional tracking and doesn't need a PC to run.

HTC claims that the new Vive Standalone VR headset will deliver an "outstanding standalone VR experience" making it the "best-in-class premium device for this segment in the China market". The next wave of VR innovation seems to be focused at freeing headsets from the shackles and cables, and HTC is jumping at the forefront with its new Vive standalone headset, powered by none other than Qualcomm's latest platform.

Standalone VR headsets differ from the current options on the market in two distinct ways.



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